Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference (#BLTC16) Monday 4 July 2016.

Welcome to BLTC16. We have more that 30 sessions from Faculties, Directorates, Associate Colleges and alumni. The programme is here.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Learning on the Edge”, exploring the different influences that peripheral spaces: mental, digital, physical and liminal can have on learning. We are looking for papers from “where you are at” with your learning and teaching and where would you like to be.

The conference is divided into four themes:

mental spaceHow do we address the mental space of students? Do we push students out of their comfort zone, and how far? Are embodiment, presence and identity important for learning? Are HEIs spaces without emotional conflict?


Digital spaceHow do we create digital spaces and which ones are effective for learning? Is the metaphor of “space”  still useful for understanding the digital?  Do learners who are visitors interact differently to those who are resident? At what point do we “inhabit” spaces?

Physical spaceHow are physical learning spaces changing? To what extent can the physical and digital coincide? How do students perform in different spaces and can these be changed to improve performance? How much do we know about how students learn outside the classroom?

Liminal spaceAnd what lies beyond? The edge of a space is a threshold or a membrane: a borderland where anything can happen and transformed  identities emerge. How does the teacher “hold” this space? Can these spaces open up new forms of education?

To what extent can these ideas of spaces sustained by imagination, inform our creation of learning spaces as spaces of play and experimentation?

Our conference will extend these thematic ideas using a range of different traditional, unusual, peripheral and sometimes inconvenient spaces in the studios of the Abercrombie Building we will provide you with an opportunity to create different challenging and edgy interactions with participants. When you submit your proposal, please identify whether you want to talk about mental, digital, physical or liminal spaces. If you are uncertain, please do not hesitate to contact the conference team to discuss your ideas.