The conference notebook process

The Conference Notebook relates to a social sculpture, connective process that runs through the whole conference. Although it is not the usual kind of conference notebook, we hope it creates an opportunity for a slightly unusual but worthwhile kind of engagement. This however requires your willingness to experiment and participate – evoking the ethos of the conference title: ‘learning on the edge’.

In the field of social sculpture and connective practice we call such interventions in our habitual practices – big or small – instruments of consciousness. This instrument is part of a social sculpture practice called ‘Journaling for Change’.

How to use it?

You will see that the blank pages in this notebook have been divided into two: a wider left side and narrower right ‘margin’. There is a purpose to this.

Before each presentation, talk, or workshop you will be invited to spend 2 or 3 minutes with this notebook. Take this time to actively gather any thoughts, questions, perceptions, and assumptions relating to the topic of the next session, which come to mind, and write these down in the wider, left column.

During the session you can keep on noting any new insights, observations, and questions that arise in this left column.

After each session, and before asking questions – you will be invited to spend another 5 minutes to actively re-enter all you have written down and make new thoughts in response. You can write these new thoughts next to your previous notes, in the right, narrow column.

At the end of the conference there will be a short process of ‘gathering substance’ and ‘distillation of insights’.

We hope you find this process and related notebook stimulating.